The Best Sandwich I’ve Ever Eaten

It happened. Last Wednesday I had the best sandwich I have ever eaten in my whole life. It was the Bristket Bollito with Salsa Verde from the Rosticceria counter at Eataly.

Brisket Bollito with Salsa Verde
200 5th Avenue, NYC

I am usually not one to order a sandwich that is focused solely on meat but since I was at Eataly and since I was at the Rosticceria counter, I just had to. I am no brisket aficionado, but I have eaten enough of it to understand that this brisket was other-worldly. The fat was perfectly melted and evenly distributed throughout the meat. It had enough texture to remind you that you eating meat but was so tender you would allow your toothless baby a bite. Every sandwich from the Rosticceria is seasoned with only olive oil and coarse sea salt, making it the most perfect meat-centric sandwich preparation. The brisket sandwich comes with a healthy spooning of salsa verde which was your standard parsley and garlic spread. I would have forgotten about the salsa verde had I not taken the picture shown above.

In conclusion, go to Eataly during your lunch break on Wednesday and even more- go alone so you don’t have to share nor be distracted by frivolous conversation.

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2 Responses to The Best Sandwich I’ve Ever Eaten

  1. Rebecca Ruiz says:

    This looks incredible. Separately, I would like to how it compares to a solid PB&J in the Shoebox.

  2. Kelly says:

    I’d say its a tie as long are we are talking strawberry, not grape jam. Expectations are everything.

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